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This 3D Fractal Sci-Fi Image was created using Mandelbulb 3D fractal software.

An imagining of a ‘toroidal’ world, constructed by some long vanished, ultra-advanced alien civilisation.
The huge habitat is now occupied by a multitude of sentient species, and serves as a meeting place
and home for races of all types.
I’d like to think that had the SF author, the late Iain M. Banks continued to write his ‘Culture’ novels, he
may have come up with something like this. He did like to think big after all!

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  2. Bertie MacAvoy

    I would like to write a story in which a time traveler is allowed to go back to the days just before Banks’ death and show him this and let him know of the explosion of interest and talent that his work was soon to bring into being. (The reason for this visit being allowed would be, of course, because a dying man is not likely to cause damaging paradox.) But as stories, and people, are human, Banks would reply that he couldn’t see too well but liked what he saw and could the visitor please ring a nurse for more morphine. And the time traveler would realize the futility of his mission and ring for the nurse. And return – but by accident leaving this astonishing picture on the over-bed table.

    I won’t write such a story because I know nothing of Banks’ death and would not intrude on such things anyway. But in my mind I have seen your jaw-dropping art and have written the story. My name in publishing is R.A. MacAvoy and I wrote SF for a number of years before illness made it impossible to continue. But unlike Iain Banks I did not have cancer and and still here to write you this appreciation of your work. I wish I had had the opportunity to write one such to Banks also.

    • Hi Bertie. I’m very pleased to hear that my work has inspired your writers imagination to the extent of your coming up with an entire time-travel treatment. Your scenario sounds intrigueing, and I’m sure that IMB would have been fascinated by the concept! I’m also sure he would have appreciated your written ‘appreciation’ too. To my mind, it will be a huge challenge for any writer to ever come near to the breadth of vision and level of detail IMB incorporated in his SF work. But happily, because of that depth, it’s possible to reread his novels time and again, and still find something fresh. Thanks for your very positive, constructive and encouraging comment Bertie.

  3. For more information about fractals see:

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