Tier III

Tier III

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This 3D Fractal Sci-Fi Image was created using Mandelbulb3D fractal software.

Another Fractal exploration of my previous ‘Tier’ and ‘Tier II’ pieces, based on the huge space habitat of the same name which featured in
some of SF author Iain M. Banks‘s ‘Culture’ novels. Further details about the Tier habitat can be found on the ‘Tier’ page.

‘Quanadium steel’ diffuse map image courtesy of James ‘Grunge Tv’ Knowles.

MarkJayBee’s 3D Fractal artworks look amazing as large, high quality prints; please take a look at the options below:

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4 Responses

  1. Mark, love the trilogy….I am seeing Foss inspiration in some of your recent Culture series works…..wonderful. best regards GP

    • Hi GP, I’m not surprised that you spotted a Chris Foss influence in my work. Ever since buying my first SF novel; ‘Masters of the Vortex’ by E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith – purely because of the amazingly realistic cover illustration by CF! – back in the mid ’70’s, I’ve loved his artwork. His vision of future space technology has coloured my own work ever since, I’m happy to say! Thanks, and I’m glad you like my ‘Tier’ series of images.

  2. Mark, hello! Very good job!!!

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