This page shows the striking decorative potential of MarkJayBee’s 3D fractal artworks in a variety of domestic and commercial settings.

Please click the images below to view larger versions

InterstitialConduits - Living room
Domestic living room scene showing a framed 36″x18″ gicleé print of ‘InterstitialConduits’


'EnPointe' - Living Room
Living room showing framed gicleé print of ‘EnPointe’. This relatively small print will eventually be replaced with a much larger version….

MMConstruction1 - Reception
Business waiting area with a simulated framed version of ‘MonuMental Construction 1′
Photograph courtesy of Lasse Bauer

Encap-Glass - living room
Living room scene showing simulated framed images of ‘Encapsulation 1′ and ‘GlassWerx’
Photograph courtesy of ‘Rockasaurus’

'KomputerKonstruktion II' Wallpaper - Hotel Reception
Luxury hotel reception showing simulated ‘KomputerKonstruktion II’ wallcovering
Photograph courtesy of Ashutosh Chirmule

Hi-Rise - Lobby
Office lobby scene showing simulated framed image of ‘Hi-Rise’
Photograph courtesy of Jim Pennuci

Encapsulation 1+2 - Studio
Part of MarkJayBee’s studio showing framed prints of ‘Encapsulation 1′ and ‘Encapsulation 1 – Iteration II’

SubSurfaceStructure - Bathroom
Bathroom scene showing Acrylic print of ‘SubSurfaceSystem’


CubiCity - Phone
Generic smartphone case showing ‘CubiCity’ 3D abstract fractal
Cases are available for: iPhone 4 & 5, Samsung S3 & S4, Blackberry 9700 & 9900

'Bridging the Gulfs' - Reception
Nightclub entrance showing a simulated framed image of ‘Bridging the Gulfs’
Photograph courtesy of Daniel Kratzer


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