‘RetroFractal Fantasy’ 3D Fractal Illustration

‘RetroFractal Fantasy’ 3D Fractal Illustration

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This image was created using the 3D Fractal program Mandelbulb 3D V1.9.1, which is available for free download from FractalForums.com
Photoshop was used for additional compositing and rendering.

‘RetroFractal Fantasy’ was created in Mandelbulb3D using a combination of 3D fractal formulae as a DEcombinate in ‘Max’ mode.
Formulae used were: SierpHilbert/_reciprocalY3b/HeightMapIFS/RandCubesIFS for the city + CylinderHMvoid/SphereHeightMapVoid for the ships.

I’d been exploring a city type parameter set shared by Dortus Gunst – ‘matze2001′ on deviantART – and found this location, however I felt that it
needed something more to complete it. After adding one ship, it still didn’t feel right, so I added another ship, then another, and a few more
elements and finally ended up with this scene. I could have gone on, but knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing where to begin!!
I reckon there’s something of a 1940’s or ’50’s pulp SF feel to this one, particularly the ‘transport’ in the foreground, hence the title.


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6 Responses

  1. This work was masterfully crafted! Way beyond Amazing… makes me want to quit my sad attempts but also inspires me on!!!

    • Glad you like and feel inspired by this one Jeff. To quote from ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales'; “Endeavour to persevere”!! 😉

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. ramacavoy

    Oh, Mark,, this is grand!! The combination of fractal technology and a planetary atmosphere and the human size reference makes it seem like a future airport of some kind. I love the light shining in the cracks of the buildings, and the fact that all but the ships have a certain age on them.

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