‘RetroFractal Fantasy II’ 3D Fractal Illustration

‘RetroFractal Fantasy II’ 3D Fractal Illustration

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This image was created using the 3D Fractal program Mandelbulb 3D V1.9.1, which is available for free download from FractalForums.com
Photoshop was used for additional compositing and rendering.

‘RetroFractal Fantasy II’ was created in Mandelbulb3D using a combination of 3D fractal formulae as a DEcombinate in ‘Max’ mode.
Formulae used were: SierpHilbert/_reciprocalY3b/HeightMapIFS/RandCubesIFS for the city + SphereHeightMap/SphereHeightMapVoid for the ships.

A further exploration of the parameters used in my previous ‘RetroFractal Fantasy’. This is a fascinating location, which I’ll definitely be exploring
more deeply. I’m sure that somewhere in this structure there’s a location suitable for viewing as a 360° interactive VR image – so watch this space!

The music of Bertrand Van Kleef was a great accompaniment during the creation of both ‘RetroFractal Fantasy’ images, particularly his ‘Identity’ album.
I highly recommend a listen – enjoy!!


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