‘Pathways’ CD Cover Art Collaboration

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I was recently approached by photographer Michał Karcz to collaborate in the production of the cover art for ambient electronic
musician Chad Kettering’s new album ‘Pathways’.

Michał is a remarkable landscape photographer and photo-manipulationist, based in Warsaw, Poland.
As a long time admirer of Michał’s amazing work, it came as a pleasant surprise to receive a request from him to help develop his
personal vision for the album cover concept. Michał had already shot all the necessary photographic images, but wanted to insert
a ‘labyrinth-like’ structure into the valley between the mountains. This was where I came in! Using my current software of choice;
the 3D fractal application Mandelbulb3D, I was able to create a suitable ‘maze’ which Michał could then composite into his image.

Personally, I think the image works on a number of levels, and helps convey some sense of the epic, grandiose sound of Chad’s
excellent, atmospheric and inspiring music. I feel very privileged to have added my small creative contribution to this superb work.


'Pathways' Cover
The final cover image for Chad Ketterings ‘Pathways’ album. Click image to enlarge


An excerpt from Chad’s website describing ‘Pathways':

“Grandiose orchestral passages combine with modern electronic ambiences establishing a new sound to Kettering’s repertoire.
With ‘Pathways’ a more melodic approach is taken throughout the album to convey a positive perspective to the complex journey of life.
Beautiful solo contributions are made by cellist Kari Kettering of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and vocalist Francesca Genco.
After a 20 year hiatus from playing trumpet, Kettering returns to the instrument in a special song featured at the end of the album.”


Pathways Complete
Six panel digipack insert showing more of Michał Karcz’s images. Click image to enlarge


Having repeatedly immersed myself in this album, I can thoroughly recommend it to all those who enjoy the highest quality ambient
electronic music.


Chad Ketterings official website: www.chadkettering.com

Chad Ketterings Facebook page: Music of Chad Kettering

Michał Karcz’s official website: www.michalkarcz.com

Michał Karcz’s Facebook page: Michał Karcz – Parallel Worlds – Portfolio


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