Sonical Releases ‘Locker X’ Video based on MarkJayBee’s image

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After a marathon rendering and editing session – lasting several months – the new video ‘Locker X’ created by Sonical is now on release.
This atmospheric piece is based on one of my 3D fractal images; ‘Ixian Manufactories II‘ for which I provided the original parameters, and
which form the basis of this remarkable work.

It has to be said that to get the best out of this video, you’ll need to watch with lights out, in full screen, HD and have a pretty tough sound
system, as the bass is ‘profound’ to say the least!!



‘Sonical’ is an alter-ego of ‘BeamUp’, an amazing Dub DJ, originally from Australia, but now based in Berlin.

My thanks must also to go to James ‘GrungeTV’ Knowles for allowing the use of his ‘Quanadium Steel’ image as a surface map on the
original image and also in the final video.

Ixian Manufactories II 3D Fractal
Original ‘Ixian Manufactories II’ 3D Fractal image

BeamUp’s pages:


James ‘GrungeTV’ Knowles’s pages:



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