Infiltration Pano

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This 3D Fractal Sci-Fi Panoramic Image was created using Mandelbulb3D fractal software.

This is a 360°x180° interactive ‘equirectangular panorama’ version of my ‘Infiltration’ piece. The image above is
not actually the finished article; to view the interactive panorama, just click the image, then use your mouse/finger
to move the image around and zoom. Fullscreen works best, just click the icon at top right of the Pano image.



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3 Responses

  1. Looking forward to Sursamen. I to am working on a scene from IMB’s Matter (conventional /photoshop digital medium) showing the Great Falls of the Hyeng-zhar. I have been at it now of and on for several weeks and I am struggling with depicting the scale. I understand and share your frustrations with Sursamen. I try and wonder how IMB envisaged it.
    Best regards…GP

  2. Wow…..wonderful and absorbing. The fine details are the important feature. I detect another IMB scene as inspiration. Love the torpedo shaped vessel at 12 o’clock and the main structure tunnel effect providing entrance and huge scale. I imagine that we could be looking at the outer regions of a Shellworld……more please.

    • Thanks for your comment GP. IMB has been proving a great source of inspiration for my SF oriented pieces lately, although this one isn’t strictly based on any of his writings. I’m still trying to work out a convincing way of portraying the Shellworld ‘Sursamen’, and will be posting something when I get it set up to my satisfaction. Actually, truth to tell, I’d forgotten that I’d left the big ship ‘outside’ the structure, and was pleasantly surprised to see it there in the Pano version! Serendipity perhaps? 😉

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