‘Hidden Kingdom’ 3D Fractal Illustration

‘Hidden Kingdom’ 3D Fractal Illustration

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This image was created using the 3D Fractal program ‘Mandelbulb 3D’, which is available for free download from FractalForums.com
Additional elements were hand rendered in Photoshop.

‘Hidden Kingdom’ was created in the 8 slot version of Mandelbulb3D using a combination of 3D fractal formulae in DEcombinate mode.
Formulae used were: HeightMapIFS (x2), RandCubesIFS, trans-qIFS, _updateC2, Menger3 and _reciprocalZ3b.
‘Quanadium steel’ diffuse map image courtesy of James ‘GrungeTV’ Knowles.


Please use the ‘Contact’ page to enquire about print options for this piece.


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