Hidden Kingdom – 360° Interactive Panoramic 3D Fractal Image

This 360° panoramic image was created using the 3D Fractal program Mandelbulb 3D ‘8 slot Experimental Version’,
which is available for free download from FractalForums.com

DEcombinate in InvMax mode using: HeightMapIFS (x2)/RandCubesIFS/trans-qIFS/ _updateC2/ Menger3/ _reciprocalZ3b

This is a 360° interactive panoramic version of my ‘Hidden Kingdom’ piece. No ships in this version I’m afraid!

Use your mouse/finger/tilt-phone to move the image around.
Fullscreen works best, just click the icon at top right of the image.



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  1. ramacavoy

    Mark, you have excelled your self, and that is saying a lot.

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