HD Wallpaper Now Available!

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All the 3D Fractal artworks displayed on MarkJayBeeFractal.com are now available to download as HD Wallpaper!
The HD Wallpaper files are sized at 2000×1000 pixels, making them suitable for use on HD TV’s, Computer Monitors, Smartphones and all Tablet devices.

Each 3D Fractal Wallpaper can be downloaded for only £4.99GBP, and can be used as a screen background on all your personal devices.


HDTV Wallpaper
HD TV using ‘MonuMental Construction 1′ as HD Wallpaper.

Monitor Wallpaper
Computer monitor using ‘ExternalServices III’ as desktop HD Wallpaper.

Smartphone Wallpaper
Generic Smartphone using ‘ModularNexus II’ as background Wallpaper.


iPhone Wallpaper
iPhone using ‘Bridging the Gulfs’ as background Wallpaper.


Tablet HD Wallpaper
Tablet using ‘Toroidal’ as background Wallpaper.





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