GSV MainBay IV

GSV MainBay IV

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This 3D Fractal Sci-Fi Image was created using Mandelbulb3D fractal software.


In SF author Iain M. Banks’s novel ‘Use of Weapons’, the protagonist Zakalwe is allowed to acclimatise himself to ‘The Culture’ by wandering for days
through the habitable levels of a ship; the General Systems Vehicle, or GSV, ‘Size Isn’t Everything’, which is described as being over 80 kilometres
(50 mi) long, eating and sleeping at the many locations which provide food and accommodation throughout the structure and enjoying the various
forms of contact possible with the friendly and accommodating inhabitants.
Ships in the Culture are intelligent individuals, often of very large size, controlled by one or more Minds. The ship is considered the Mind’s body.
Some ships (GSVs, for example) are tens or even hundreds of kilometers in length and may have millions or even billions of residents who live on
them full-time; together with Orbitals, such ships represent the main form of habitat for the Culture. Such large ships may temporarily contain multitudes
of smaller ships with their own populations, and/or manufacture such ships themselves.


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  1. Hi Mark,
    Another gorgeous work in your ‘Culture’ portfolio. I love the people presence and the way they are moving around in the huge detailed multi planed vertigo of your GSV interior…stunning color scheme… tipping your hat a Chris F perhaps. Looking forward as ever for more….please.

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