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This 3D Fractal Sci-Fi Image was created using Mandelbulb3D fractal software.

A fractal imagining of an autonomous starship construction and maintainance facility or ‘Graving Yard’, where vessels of
all types, functions and sizes are kept in peak operational condition.
I’d like to think this image fits the visual interpretations of readers of the ‘Culture’ novels by the late Iain M. Banks.
So much so that I’ve attempted to include a humungous GSV or General Systems Vehicle in the scene!

MarkJayBee’s 3D Fractal artworks look amazing as large, high quality prints; please take a look at the options below:

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  1. Anonymous

    When I go to this link via mobile I don’t see the image??

    • As answered elsewhere I believe ‘Anon’ 😉 you need to select ‘desktop view’ in your settings – this seems to happen a lot with Androids!

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