‘Diamond Cut’ Book Cover Art

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I was recently commissioned by author John Hindmarsh to produce new cover illustrations and graphics for his ‘Glass Complex’ trilogy of science fiction novels.
This is the cover artwork for part three; ‘Diamond cut’.

The brief was quite detailed, and accurately described scenes from the books that the author felt would work best as cover illustrations.

However, the actual ‘look and feel’ of the various elements was left open to my own personal interpretation. This allowed a great deal of creative freedom in putting the images together.

The artwork itself is of course purely digital – although no conventional 3D modelling was used in its creation – most of the various elements were constructed using the 3D Fractal program ‘Mandelbulb3D’. These were then composited and additional details added in Photoshop.

As part of the authors’ desire to achieve a new, consistent ‘branding’ for his novels, the author and title text required specific treatment, and this will be reflected across Johns complete range of Science Fiction and Thriller novels.

The SF novel ‘Diamond Cut’ will be available to purchase in February 2017.


Please visit John Hindmarsh’s website for more information on his literary works at: johnhindmarsh.com

‘Broken Glass’ and other titles by John Hindmarsh can be purchased online by visiting his page at Amazon.com

Have a look at my cover artwork for the other parts of the ‘Glass Complex’ trilogy; ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Fracture Lines’.

The full ‘triptych’ image comprising all three covers can be viewed at:


I am always interested in new commissions. If you’d like to discuss your requirements for artwork, please send your enquiry using the Contact page.

Diamond Cut cover
The complete cover artwork for ‘Diamond Cut’.
Click the image to see a larger view.

Diamond Cut image
The artwork for ‘Diamond Cut’, minus graphics
Click the image to see a larger view.

A brief synopsis of the ‘Diamond Cut’ storyline:

Steg de Coeur is retrieved by a massive, self-aware starship, at the direction of the Glass Complex. The Xesset are massing a major fleet. The Imperial Intelligence Agency has been attacked by Imperial Security forces. The Empire is in disarray. Steg builds a force to defend Imperial and Alliance civilization against the Xesset. After betrayals and political maneuvers almost end the fight against the aliens, Steg leads a force of military starships against the aliens. He defeats the Xesset and returns to Homeworld. The self-aware starship follows him and entices him and his friends back onboard.

About John Hindmarsh:

John Hindmarsh writes science fiction and thrillers, sometimes with crossover. Well, you need a thrill in your SF and an occasional touch of science in your thrillers.
John is originally from Australia, and now lives in the High Sierra region of California where he writes full time. When he’s not writing he could be hiking, kayaking or skiing.

John’s books are generally written with an American voice – well, he tries! – although he prefers to write British English. So he sometimes gets mixed up; in any event, he claims aluminium is the correct word.


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