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I was recently interviewed for a feature about my 3D Fractal Artworks in issue 44 of the online magazine 3D Art Direct. The article covered my development as an artist, from my early days, through to my current explorations of the 3D Fractal realm. It’s very generously illustrated with images of not only my fractal artworks, but also my earlier more traditional, painted work and my abstract 3D works using ‘conventional’ 3D software.

As a relatively new creative medium, 3D Fractal Art is still relatively unknown to most of the general public, so anything which will bring it a little more attention is certainly no bad thing in my book!


Intro page to MarkJayBee article, featuring 'IxianManufatories II'
Intro page to MarkJayBee article, featuring ‘IxianManufatories II’


3D Art Direct is a bang up-to-date online magazine, which I feel is designed specifically for viewing on todays mobile technology, as such it has an interactive interface which simulates the look and feel of a ‘real’ magazine, with the ability to ‘turn the pages’ by simply swiping ones finger across the page! There’s even a simulated centre crease, and page reflections for added realism!

Please click on any of the images or links to go to 3D Art Direct and check out the article, I hope you’ll find it an interesting read. The rest of the magazine is definitely worth a look too!


Feature spread showing 'ExternalSevices'
Feature spread showing ‘ExternalSevices’


Cover of 3D Art Direct Magazine, featuring my 'IxianManufactories II' image
Cover of 3D Art Direct Magazine, featuring my ‘IxianManufactories II’ image


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4 Responses

  1. Bravo Mark,
    You know I have always been a big fan!

  2. Big congratulations Mark! It’s always great to see 3D fractal art getting a bit of recognition.

    • MarkJayBee

      Many thanks Hal, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Anything that gets the endlessly – literally! – fascinating continuum of 3D fractal art a wider audience is no bad thing! :)

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