‘Exploring the ‘tiny wee, tucked away’, folded dimensions…’

 Welcome to MarkJayBeeFractal.com – showcasing the 3D fractal imagery of visual artist Mark J. Brady.


We hope you will enjoy your tour of the 3D fractal images MarkJayBee has created, and will continue to create,
in his own unique, distinctive and instantly recognisable style.

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All of MarkJayBee’s works are available to purchase from this site in a wide variety of professionally produced formats, such
as high-quality framed or unframed prints in a range of finishes; including long-life gicleé prints on 260gsm satin paper,
400gsm canvas prints, direct printed acrylic prints and high quality rolls of wall paper in various lengths and widths.
Also available are attractive, eye-catching rear covers for various smartphones.

To order your item, simply click one of the product options below each of MarkJayBee’s images.

Examples of some of these items can be viewed on the ‘RoomShots’ page.



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